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Written by Fabian Keppenson
Backup installation to be proud of

Downtime is not an option for this chemical giant at the port of Ghent. This means that a reliable backup installation is the rule rather than the exception, as it also is for the production of the boiler water.
Two reverse osmosis units have been installed as a backup that each can supply demineralised water at a rate of 50 m³/hr with a conductivity of less than 10 µS/cm. These are used if the main installation cannot achieve the necessary production flow rate or if the existing system does not supply the proper quality. In the first case, the backup starts supplying demineralised water from mains water. In the second case, the water flows from the main installation through the backup via a second filter to achieve the desired quality.
The PLC program is also equipped to automatically dose an additive solution so that the client is assured that the 120 reverse osmosis membranes will perform properly at all times.

Written by Fabian Keppenson

The latest addition to EKOPAK’s range of PLC-driven softeners is equipped with a salt tank with a capacity of 35 m³. This tank puts an end to the manual daily/weekly chore of topping up salt levels: using this tank, customers can soften water for up to 100 days without the need for any manual intervention. Plus, when it’s time to order a new lorry-load of salt, the customer is alerted on their control system, by a level sensor at the top of the tank and PLC.

Extra convenience AND reliability!

Written by Fabian Keppenson
Ekopak is relocating to provide you with even better service

In the fall of 2014, EKOPAK will join all business operations under one roof.  All our business units will be organised and coordinated from one single point as of this moment. This allows us to ensure our growing number of clients are provided with the same quality service. Here is a sneak preview of our new business premises located at the Careelstraat in Tielt. We will keep you posted as soon as more news arrives associated with the development and concrete relocation date.
The EKOPAK-team

The Ekopak-team