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Corrosion control technology alliance


An integral solution for each corrosion problem.

Regardless of the aesthetic damage and direct costs, corrosion causes enormous functional and production losses. Corrosion is often misunderstood and is, therefore, difficult to control. That is in itself not so surprising. Even within one production unit one has to cope with a great variety of process conditions, types of installations and equipment and because of that there is a broad range of forms and mechanisms for causing corrosion. Because of this diversity, different parties must often be activated with corrosion problems. But because of the lack of knowledge-sharing and context, such an approach is less efficient and seldom leads to a structural solution. The Corrosion Control Technology Alliance is a Netherlands-Belgian coalition of independent, renowned specialists to which Ekopak (Industrial Water Treatment) belongs. They bundle their knowledge and work closely together for an efficient and constructive solution for your corrosion problem. 

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